Buy a Bespoke Yurt or Tipi Tent

Buy A Tipi Or Yurt

We offer Tipis and Yurts in a range of sizes and colours and we can make them to your specific requirements. Examples of bespoke projects include multi Yurt complexes, custom awnings, wheelchair access doorways and screenprinted canvas designs. We will come and set up your structure and explain everything you need to know about owning and maintaining a Tipi or Yurt. We are always available for after sale advice, servicing and repairs. Whatever your request, we will do our best to find a solution. Whether it is for a permanent pitch or summer camping holidays, buying a Tipi or Yurt is an investment you will never regret.

How to order:

Contact us by email or telephone to discuss your requirements. Upon confirmation of your order a non-refundable 30% deposit is required before work commences. This may be paid by Cheque, Bank Transfer or by Credit or Debit Card over the phone.  Once we receive your deposit the purchase is confirmed and we will begin working on your order. The remaining balance is payable on completion: all goods remain property of Hearthworks until payment in full is received.

Order to Delivery Time:

All of our structures are made to order. Depending on how busy we are, Tipis usually take three weeks and Yurts between six and eight weeks. Late Spring and Summer is our peak season and the structures may take longer to complete.

Delivery and Installation:

You are welcome to collect directly from our workshop. We are also happy to deliver to you: Transport is charged at our fixed rate of 80p + VAT per mile. We offer an Installation and Training service, too. This varies according to the size of your structure: we will advise you of the amount on your personal quotation.

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Hearthworks TipiA complete Heathworks Tipi consists of:
Click here for a more detailed description of materials

  • Canvas Tipi Cover
  • Canvas Door and Door Poles
  • Canvas Inner Liner
  • Canvas Raincatcher
  • Canvas Storage Bag
  • Set of finished pine Tipi Poles
  • Hardwood Pegs and Lacing Pins
  • Rope and Cord
  • Heavy duty PVC groundsheet

    Extras available include:

  • Decking Flooring
  • Fire Dish
  • Coir Matting Flooring



    A complete Hearthworks Yurt consists of:tarayurt_wide_300x229.png

  • Canvas Roof Cover
  • Canvas Door and Door Poles
  • Canvas/PVC Walls
  • Canvas Tension Band
  • Clear PVC/Canvas Wheel cover
  • Ash Trellis Walls
  • Ash Roof Poles
  • Ash Door Frame
  • Ash/Hazel Roof Wheel
  • PVC Groundsheet

    Extras available include:

  • Hardwood Door
  • Woodburning Stove
  • Windows in Walls
  • Multiple Doorways
  • Decking Floor

    Click here for a more detailed description of materials



    A complete Willow Yurt consists of: Click here for a more detailed description of materials

    Willow Yurt

  • Canvas Roof Cover
  • Canvas Door and Door Poles
  • Canvas Walls
  • Canvas and Webbing Tension Band
  • Clear Vinyl & Canvas Roof Wheel cover
  • Steam-bent Trellis Walls
  • Steam-bent Roof Poles
  • Wooden Door Frame
  • Steam-bent Roof Wheel
  • Heavy Duty PVC Groundsheet

  • Extras available include:

  • Rain Diverter
  • Solid wood Door
  • Extra Wide wheel-chair width door - ash Yurt Only
  • Exra Tall Trellis (7ft Wall) - ash Yurt Only
  • Multiple Doorways
  • Woodburning Stove
  • Windows in Side Wall
  • Canvas Porch Awning
  • Felt Insulation
  • Decorative Felt Band
  • Felt Flooring
  • Coir Matting Flooring
  • Decking Platform



    Pop-Up Yurts are a revolution in Yurt design.
    Designed and patented by Mike Jessop, the benefits of a Pop-Up Yurt are:popupring.jpg

  • All-in-one frame that can be erected easily and quickly.
  • Bamboo trellis and roof poles tied with Polyester cord and Hemptex Rope.
  • Handcrafted lightweight bamboo frame with steam-bent ash roof-wheel.
  • Bespoke Fire, Water and Rot-proof Polycotton Canvas Cover.
  • Central skylight window and option of windows in wall canvas.
  • Portable, durable, breathable, practical, beautiful.

  • A complete Hearthworks Pop-Up Yurt consists of:
  • Steambent Ash Roof-wheel with Hemptex Rope and Stainless steel Carbine hooks.
  • Polycotton Canvas and Polyester Webbing Tension Band.
  • Wall Canvas with 6“ PVC bottom section and hooks at the top.
  • Polycotton Roof Canvas with valance under which walls attach.
  • Star-shaped Canvas Roof Wheel cover with Polyester ties and Ash tentpegs.
  • Double thickness canvas door with velcro and cord ties.
  • Heavy Duty PVC groundsheet with 8” upstand and brass eyelets.
  • popup.png

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further details regarding the purchase of our Tipis and Yurts.