Tipi & Yurt Hire Services



Here at Hearthworks we take pride in the Tipi & Yurt hire service that we offer.

We have:

  • 15 years of experience, including design, manufacture and hire of Tipis & Yurts in the UK
  • Europe's largest selection of Tipis, Yurts and Tipi Tents
  • High standards with real customer care
  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden costs


    Hearthworks provide:



  • Traditionally styled Tipis & Yurts with modern specifications
  • A wide range of sizes, large structures for groups, plus smaller ones for accommodation
  • Standard or luxury furnishings options including handwoven rugs, lanterns, fairy lights, sheepskins, large cushions, hardwood tables, backjack chairs, mirrors, hair dryers, heaters, decorative felt hangings and more
  • Futon beds & bases with cotton sheets, pillows, duvets and woollen blankets
  • 12v Power Tables or mains power provisions  
  • Other exciting offerings include:

  • Opulent Honeymoon Yurt including rustic Wedding Bed
  • Wood-fired Sauna with changing room Tipi and screen walls
  • Contact us for more details